5 spicy reasons to do webosiums

In this post, we're going to talk about webinars and why you need to be doing them. Some people are afraid of 'em, but they're one of the biggest, highest-producing money-making activities that you can do to benefit your business, and we're going to discuss the top five spicy reasons that you need to be doing them . So stick around. All right, webinar marketing, has proven to many over and over and over again why it is one of the dominant ways to earn goodwill and make money in your business, and we're going to talk about it here.

Let's dwell on number one - one of the spiciest reasons for doing webinars is 'lead generation'. It is a great way to generate leads. Go out there, do a presentation, invite people to come in, and it's a great way to create leads for your business. It makes all the difference, but it is a huge, huge way to do it. Really, there's all different kinds of ways that you can market - Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, YouTube videos, Facebook Likes, you could do solo ads, you can do all kinds of different types of ads, Pinterest Ads, whatever you want to drive 'em into a webinar and guess what? It can generate a lot of leads for you, depending upon how your business is set up and what you're doing.

Alright, let's go ahead and dive in to number two - what is the number two spicy reason you should be using webinar marketing in your business? Very simple, 'it creates authority'. Creating authority is huge. You see, when you're on a presentation and if you ever go to a you know, any type of presentation or you go to a sales presentation anywhere, even if it's a live one, the person onstage always has perceived authority. Why? Because they're the one in front doing the teaching while everybody else is listening. You know, think about it, when you were going through school and you were learning about geometry or physics and you had your teachers up in front of the room teaching the class, you listened to what they had to say. Why? Because they knew what they were talking about. And that created an authority between you and your teachers. It's the same way with new age marketing. It creates authority. It creates know, like, and trust. And it really, really does a huge thing for your profile and causes you to really stand out, again, kind of weaving these in and out with some of the other points, but it really causes you to stand out and that authority means everything when you're going to go for the sell. Doesn't really matter if it's a product or service. It makes a huge, huge difference

Number three, it 'creates a connection'. Connection, you know, one of the things you should do when you have webinars is add value on a subject, Talk about a subject, and then open that up for discussion or Q&A. And what happens is, through Q&A, you get the time to sit there and get to talk with your audience. And that is a really cool thing, where you can have an audience from all over the world and they can ask you questions and get answers. This is your time to connect with an audience. It creates that connection, no matter where they are. You can have students, info hungry audience, fans or Clients from all over the world, you really can connect due to webinars because it allows people from anywhere to connect into one place and hear you and see you, and that is super beneficial for remote marketing.

Cool, let's talk about number four - 'Webinars convert better than standard sales letters'. If you've ever been online and you've gone to look at a product or service, most sales pages have a sales letter there on some points, a video sales letter, and you go through it, you watch it, and it basically gives you reasons why you should purchase that particular product or service. And you'll soon find out in your own business that webinars convert way more than actual sales videos. Just to throw in some stats, sales videos probably convert at about anywhere from three to 7%, somewhere in that range. On the other hand, webinars convert at upwards of 20 to 40%. They convert really well, especially if they're done correctly and you can really benefit by it. So, experience of many from across the globe says that in all the thousands, of webinars that have been done over the years, they definitely convert better than a standard sales video.

Time to close, number five  - 'it causes you to stand out from the crowd'. Now how does it get you to stand out? Really, there are an overwhelming amount of people that look to build their business. And the overwhelming majority of them do not do webinars. Now, of course, there are people out there that do it, but if we had to put it in a percentage just based upon what we see, I'll bet it's anywhere less than 5% of the marketers actually do webinars. And what happens is, when the crowd is doing one thing and you do the opposite, you immediately stand out. So doing webinars, whether you're selling on them or whether you're just there providing value, connecting with your audience, and engaging your audience, that will cause you to stand out. I know, this is how it's been for me in my business. Doing webinars and just sharing different kinds of value creates a rabid raving audience. Now, that makes you stand out.

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