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Ola! Let's begin this post with a quick crash course on what is a webosium and why are they awesome! So, a webosium is not just a virtual event, it's a way for someone to use live streams but it's a way for you to get your message out there to the masses by leveraging technology. You can have literally hundreds and thousands of people hearing your voice, seeing your computer screen or seeing you on camera and get to hear your message, you get to share your knowledge, share what is that you're good at to them and give yourself an opportunity to attract them to you. Maybe you're solving a problem you know or a challenge they are facing or a frustration that's pending inside for long. Your webosium is the answer to that so it allows you to attract people to you which is really good to create leads build up your email list. Also, use your webosiums to create sales towards the end or you can continue to follow up with those leads afterwards. So briefly, that's what a webosium is and why it's so amazing is because out of every tactic that you can use to get new customers, webosiums work best!  Anyone can leverage webosiums to share knowledge to their target market and to make more money and grow their customer base.

Woah! that as more than just a crash course....Fine, let's start with the objective we wanted this post up - 5 sure shot ways to promote your webosium and get the word out there.

Social Media - so social media can be a pain in the neck but if you do have webosium coming up you want to make sure that when someone is on the page to register and they enter their name and their email make sure that you use that as an opportunity to get them to follow you. Get them to follow you on Twitter or Instagram, get them to like your Facebook page. When you send out an email afterwards have it say three steps: step number one add this to your calendar; step number two like us on Facebook; step number three share it on Instagram. Give them the steps so that you make it simple for them to share what's going on because what's really cool is that you're going to put all this time to doing a webosium why not take advantage of the fact that you're driving all these leads to it and give them a reason to share it. For example give them a hashtag you want to be tweeted.  Get people involved in social,  get them sharing it, get them talking about it because when you create buzz, it starts to fuel viral growth. So make sure that you weave in social media in an appropriate way.

Videos: By leveraging video, you can with lesser efforts do a quick summary of what they're going to learn in the webosium. So your video should be as simple as the what, why, how and what's next. What does this webosium give you,  why is this webosium so awesome...etc.  If the videos are less than 60 seconds it again becomes something that you can post into Facebook. Facebook is really growing in the area of video they're really starting to compete with YouTube as a place to put videos so definitely makes sense to have  short and effective less than sixty second videos up there. And what's nice is you can drive traffic to it if you want with ads but you can also get your own audience or own tribe to like it and share it. It just gives you another technique, another way to get your message out there and also have the video put up on Youtube. So if you have a keyword targeted video on YouTube for a topic that's relevant, you can take that video and you can get some search traffic from it.

Joint Venture: Here's why this is amazing because anytime you have what's called endorsed traffic then there's already going to be a level of trust! If you have a webosium coming up and we promoted you it would be for our audience saying hey you know they are amazing here's why we should check it out here's what you're going to learn and we fully endorse and recommend it so that you're getting really high quality traffic to it and so it's cool.  If you're keen to do the joint venture model you might want to know a couple things. Make sure that you're adding value first and then you want to make sure that you're really awesome and professional and you ring the bells for them and if you do business with someone on joint venture level you need to make sure that your webosium is accounted. Meaning that if someone is going to promote your webosium and they're going to send their people to it, make sure that your conversions are accounted.

Emails: They are important for two reasons, number one, when you have a webosium,  make sure that you are getting your message, purpose and other info out there to your warm market, your best prospects are the people that already know, like and trust you so you definitely want to make sure that in your campaign you're sending out enough series of emails to get them excited about it. Your first email might be something about creating a response. If your email list is cold maybe haven't emailed in a while, then write them something very personal like, hey how are you, reply back and let me know. Create a conversation with them on a really good subject line that can probably in a lot of cases double your open rates because it's so personal that's a good way to rekindle your email messages. The follow up and share a personal story about whatever it is that you're teaching how it helped you in your life, in your business, share your story and relate it back to them. Share the benefits - the number one reason this webosium's going to really help them in their business or life, what's the number two reason that's going to help them and the number three reason. Then share milestone updates like "wow we've got eleven hundred people registered this is crazy make sure that you show up ten minutes early". It's wonderful that you're building up the buzz, you're building up the anticipation along the way because in your email it's super important that you get them to show up live because if you're doing a webosium and they're not showing up live you're missing out on a whole bunch of revenue and GOODWILL. You can optimize your ads, you can optimize how you deliver your webosium but if your audience is small because you haven't done a good job emailing then you're going to be stuck.  Now, the next piece about email, the second aspect of email is your email follow-up. When someone registers doesn't matter if they came from your email and they registered for the webosium or they came from an ad or they came from social or a video or any of these strategies but once they opt-in the next piece is you want to make sure that you over deliver on the email. Send them a free gift, send them a checklist it breaks down all like it's the summary of what they're gonna learn on the webosium, send them the presentation in advance give them some other training that is complementary to what they're going to learn so think about it as when you're marketing your webosium that it's an event that's live but all along the way you want to make sure you're adding value to get them to be there live and then you want to make sure that when you're leading up to it you have got enough emails to get people. So the day of the webosium do one in the morning, and then as many hourly reminder emails as feasible. And then one last one that says something like hey are you coming and that's the time that the webosium goes live. To conclude, it's imperative that you also have an email sequence in place for webosium replays and other post webinar follow-ups. We've spent some real good time on emails simply because it's so very important.

Facebook Ads: With the sort of specific reach and targeting Facebook offers, it will help you grow your list and your audience very fast, almost to an exponential level. Start investing small amounts while learning the tricks and when you are pretty confident, we are sure that your investments will yield rich dividends. There are many popular  tutorials and DIY guides which can be referenced to get your ship sailing.

PS: The resources section of this website has a lot of presentations/eBooks/white papers worth thousands of dollars $ all for free. And, they will be updated from time to time so that you get all you want about webinars at this one place. We believe in adding value to your life without expecting any monetary remuneration directly. However, the only request we make is to follow us & like and share our posts across social channels we are present.

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